English Project Days & Weeks

with English Native Speakers

How much time should I book?

Naturally, a whole week course will produce the best results. However, you may want to do a little something special for your class. In addition to the whole week program, we also offer 1,2,3 and 4 day workshops that can emphasize any themes or topics you would like. Some examples include: holidays and celebrations, music, business, public speaking and presentation skills. We can organize an amazing, hands-on, communicative workshop based on any cross-curricular ideas you can dream up!


offers the best value in language courses; superior quality at an affordable price. Our teaching team consists of highly qualified teachers from both the United States and Great Britain. Our specialists are enthusiastic, dynamic and ready to get your students immersed in English conversation!!!

Benefits of using LiLac

- Our teachers are top-notch ESL (English as a Second Language) educators from different English speaking countries thus your students will be exposed to multiple accents and cultures.

- We employ a wide variety of the newest and most creative teaching methods to cater to all learning types.

- During the English Week students will gain a new perspective of the English speaking world. Perfect for those who would like to study abroad.

- During the English week students will create, evaulate, interpret, analyze and discuss materials based on English speaking cultures.

- You can bring an intensive week of English to your school without the high cost of travel.

- Students will be actively engaged in English for 1-5 whole school days and will build confidence in a stress-free environment. Lessons are an extension of and the perfect compliment to the standard Austrian curriculum.

- Students will essentially live their schoolday in English (6 lessons per day) for the duration of the program. No German is permitted during instruction.

- Small group sizes: a maximum of 15 students per group.

Price List - based on 6 full lessons per day

Number of days: Price per student
FULL WEEK - 5 days € 98- best value!
4 days € 80
3 days € 60
2 days € 40
1 day € 20






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